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Alright, gurls... It's time to pull up those pretty
panties, slip into some silky sheer stockings, slide
on those impossibly high heels, and slather on
some shiny lip gloss! Now you're ready for the
best forced feminization comics anywhere! Wait a
minute! You're not ready. Go put that butt plug
back in and fix your mascara! Mistress' new
boyfriend is coming over and you need to look

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He Was Detained and Sissified
Starring: Layla Leoni; Taya; Sissy Slut Holly
Run Time: 00:24:52

Mr. Jones had no idea why he was pulled from his train so late at night, stripped naked, and handcuffed in the station's backroom (where stuff like that happens).  He wasn't even really sure where he was on the line between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  What was even worse was his suitcase full of sissy slut porn DVDs, satin panties and a bright red butt plug.

His two oh-so-sexy Russian captors waste no time in figuring out what Mr. Jones really is -- a good little sissy bitch.  Or did they know that all along?  They decide to call him Nikita and turn him into their new whore complete with a sexy little red dress, high heels with rhinestone hearts, and lots of glossy lipstick for sucking lots of glossy cocks!

Goodbye Mr. Jones, hello sissy slut Nikki!    

Price: $12.95

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