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Mistress Samantha now owns the Manor and everything in it, including the household staff!

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The Mistress of Sissy Manor II



F0rced Feminization



The Dolldrome 01

Calibration Comics


My Feminization Chris & Betty 2

Xavier Duvet


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Chloe Gets Even

It’s all about revenge by sissy cuckholding for Chris… or is that now Chrissi? Chloe and her roommate, Sophia, accidentally find Chris behaving oh so naughty on his webcam. They plot the only kind of revenge a naughty boy like Chris deserves!
He’s made to wear high-heels and lipstick and service the girl’s real manly boyfriends before watching Chloe get hot and bothered with her new beau, Dylon. “Clean it all up, sissy bitch!!!”
21 beautiful full color multi-panel comic pages plus cover!


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Put your high heels on and grab some tissues!

My Feminized Husband

Starring: Alicia DiMarco; sissy holly
Run Time: 00:24:07

She knew exactly what her husband would be getting into while she was out with the girls -- her panty drawer and pretty nylons!  Only this time, Mrs. Moxely planned to return home early and catch Danny boy in the act!  Now, he has no choice but to be transformed into the "woman" he's always wanted to be.  Watch Dan become Daniela, Sophie's sissified, stockinged and stiletto wearing ex-husband now sissy bitch!

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