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Auntie's Darling Part 9
L. Bagliani & A. Scalzo
Price: $12.95

Clicking moves right
Georgette has been under Auntie's boot heel ever since she turned him into her sissy slut nephew! Well, those documents Georgie found in Philippe's brief case last time are her ticket to revenge. Lucia and Georgette decide to host a pool party at Auntie's mansion. Auntie is furious upon arriving home, but gets confronted with the documents that will surely put her and Philippe in jail. She's then made to serve as Georgette's unwilling and severely humiliated slave!

Auntie calls her friend at the police force to get her out of all of this, but Captain Dupont is on holiday! Is there no end to her degradation?

12 full color pages!

Themes: Revenge, BDSM, Corporal Punishment, Sissy Dominatrix, Sissy on Female Sex, Fucking Machines, Rimming, Female Slave, Foot Worship, Double Dildo

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Price: $12.95
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Himalaya & Fragula :: Cassandra Bullcock
L. Bagliani & A. Scalzo
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A very special two episode edition of your favorite shemale sex superstar!

Jungle Deep :: Cassandra Bullcock
L. Bagliani & A. Scalzo
Price: $14.95

Cassandra goes deep in the jungle and the locals get deep inside Cassandra! Another Bullcock adventure is here!

Cassandra Bullcock :: Space Oddity
L. Bagliani & A. Scalzo
Price: $10.95

A brand new Cassandra Bullcock adventure is here! Let the cock throbbin’ begin… as always!

Cassandra Bullcock :: Episodes 7 & 8
L. Bagliani & A. Scalzo
Price: $10.95

Two more Cassandra Bullcock shemale sex-ventures! This time there’s three of them with three times the dick. Later on, Cassandra captures the sexy blonde exec of Sexxon Enterprises and has her way all the way!

Cassandra Bullcock :: Episodes 5 & 6
L. Bagliani & A. Scalzo
Price: $14.95

This time she gets jack-hammered by the pool and sent into space to lick alien feet!!! Don’t miss the latest Cassandra Bullcock adventure!