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The Intern
Price: $15.95

Clicking moves right
He'd never been on an interview quite like this one. The blonde receptionist was hot, high heeled, horny and very demanding. Perhaps he should have left when she ordered him to drop his pants and pull out his cock. Those shiny heels were just too much to resist!

His fate was sealed when the boss showed up in her thigh high black leather platform bitch boots. She knows all about boys that like a lady in boots. From then on, he became the company's new experiment. The red six inch heels, silky sheer black stockings and glossy red lip stick they made him wear should have told him what he was getting into. He may never be the same again!

20 full color 3D comic pages!

Themes: Cross Dressing, High Heels, FemDom, Strap-On, Make-up, Female on Sissy Sex, Dildo Sucking

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Price: $15.95
More Hot Sissy Comic
Sure, you can buy as many as you can handle, sissy slut!!

Price: $15.95

He's moving into the girls dorm!

Maid To Order
Price: $15.95

This isn't what he ordered!

The Boy Toy Club 3 :: Madame Jade
Price: $12.95

This time the sissy sluts get sent to learn their true purpose in life under the cruel boot of Bangkok’s most sadistic Mistress, Madame Jade!

My Feminization 18: Albertine's First Day
Xavier Duvet
Price: $15.95

Now that he's become the new sissy office bitch, it's time for Albertine to start working.

My Feminization Part 12 :: Paula Gets Married
Xavier Duvet
Price: $10.95

Aunty arranges for Paula to be wed to a new Mistress and her lesbian lover.