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Family Ties: Home Sweet Home
Price: $15.95

Clicking moves right
He just wanted a chat that was a little more hard core than the rest. Some electronic fantasy time with a strict Dominatrix that would turn him into a sissy slut. He found exactly what he needed, and so did they... they captured his IP and within days they captured him.

Now he's part of her happy little family locked away deep down underground where all kinds of naughty things happen to the "gurls!" Be careful what you wish for, slut!

Sarath is back and nasty as ever! Not for the faint of heart.

15 Full Color Pages

Themes: Extreme Forced Fem


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Price: $15.95
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Sure, you can buy as many as you can handle, sissy slut!!

A Natural Slut 2 :: His Fucktoy
Price: $12.95

Nikki loves being his fuck doll!

A Natural Slut
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Amazing how a comic can change a life!

Bad Luck Brianna Part 3
Price: $14.95

Her luck never changes!

Bad Luck Brianna Part 2
Price: $12.95

Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse!

Bad Luck Brianna
Price: $9.95

Brian just can't catch a break. Not even when he meets 3 gorgeous girls.