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Sissy Island Laboratory
Price: $15.95

Clicking moves right
On their third day of vacation, The Bankses decided to tour "The Laboratory," where Dr. Thorn perfects the latest forced feminization technology. This is where boys become gurls, and gurls get ready to please their future new owners!

Dr. Thorn demonstrates how her cutting edge techniques produce sissy slut slaves that are sought after the world over. By the time the tour is done, you'll want one of your very own... or perhaps you'll want to be one. The Laboratory always welcomes new test subjects!

40 full color paneled illustrations!

Themes: Forced Fem, Humiliation, Brain Control, Bondage, Objectification, Dildos, Enemas, Body Modification, Male on Sissy Sex, Female on Sissy Sex, Virtual Reality, Bimbofication


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Price: $15.95
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