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Amsterdamned Nites Part 3
Price: $15.95

Clicking moves right
Welcome Back to Amsterdamned one last time, sluts! Find out what happens to your favorite sissy sex dollies in the final episode to the series.

The outside world seems a lot smaller, less important and harder to comprehend when your owners take away the right to think for yourself.

As does the bond between husband & wife as Trixie & Moolissa are well on their way to finding out! The last bastion of sanity & independence is all that stands between them and a life of obedience, diapers, baby-bottles, lip gloss & cock addiction.

Can Trixie save Moolissa without becoming distracted by Cock?!? Can Taylor Escape from Maitresse Elizabeth's grasp and save Trixie?!? And can Moolissa even Remember who she is without messing Her diapers?!?

With Mistress Callie, Maitresse Elizabeth & Master Schwartz towering over their feeble existences, how many new toys will permanently be claimed by the depraved Residents of Amsterdamned!?!

20 awesome full color pages!

Themes: Forced Feminization, FemDom, Male Dom, Baby Sissies, Sissy Pimping, Human Animals, Oral, Anal, Bondage, Discipline, Humiliation

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Price: $15.95
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Trixie's story - Tours & Tanks

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A weekend camping trip turns into life-long sissy slavery for Stevie boy!

Amsterdamned Nites Part 1 :: Trixie’s Story
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Newlyweds Tom and Melissa had no idea that a friendly neighborhood welcome would change their lives forever! K@t is back, finally!!