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Cross Dressing Therapy 2: House Call
Price: $15.95

Clicking moves right
Dr. Jessica decides to drop by Darcie's place to see how things are going with her ex-boyfriend turned sissy slut, Nikki. Mistress Darcie now has total ownership of her little sissy pet, which includes his... um, her  finances and house. It's such a large place the doctor suggests finding another suitable candidate to transform into a second sissy maid slave.

Just so happens that it's pool cleaning day and the poolboy, Kyle is a perfect subject for transformation. It doesn't take long for the ladies to turn Kylie into "Kylie!"

They make him up, dress him, introduce their strap-ons, take their sluts to the mall for lingerie, heels and make-up, and even arrange a date for the sissies with their neighbor, Bruno!

20 full color pages!

Themes: Forced Feminization, Sissy Maid, FemDom, Corporal Punishment, Strap-On, Humiliation, Sissy on Sissy Sex, Male on Sissy Sex, Chastity. 

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Price: $15.95
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Sure, you can buy as many as you can handle, sissy slut!!

Cross Dressing Therapy :: Couples Counseling
Price: $15.95

His wife catches him in her heels!

Cross Dressing Therapy
Price: $15.95

Nicholas becomes Nikki... Doctor's orders!

My Feminization Part 10 :: Paula is a Total Tart
Xavier Duvet
Price: $10.95

Paula’s auntie takes him out shopping for sexy shoes and his secret is revealed! Auntie has another secret too… a nice thick strap-on for her new “little girl!”

Family Ties: Hillbilly Sluts
Price: $15.95

The guys in this family are born to be sissy sluts!

Midori's Gallery
Price: $4.95

It's Alice in shemale land!