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Caught Shopping!
Nite Q
Price: $14.95

Clicking moves right
Such a little perv hanging around the lingerie shoppe feeling all the merchandise and not buying anything. And guess what? He's not with a girl. Oh, he must be shopping for for his girlfriend, huh? Yeah, right... like the sales ladies haven't seen this before. The little sissy boi is shopping for himself, of course. So they decide to take him all the way to frilly girlie land and ring up his credit cards in the process!

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Price: $14.95
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Sure, you can buy as many as you can handle, sissy slut!!

Nite Q
Price: $14.95

Yup, it was his old nickname in college!

Sissy Intervention
Nite Q
Price: $14.95

The ladies find another one to fix!

Sissy Time
Nite Q
Price: $14.95

He thought he'd never get caught!

Are You A Sissy?
Nite Q
Price: $14.95

Yep, her hubby is a sissy!

Sissy Show
Nite Q
Price: $14.95

Who will be crowned the most prissy sissy "Miss Sissy?"